Soaring Dragonfly Institute Classes...
Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 19:45-1:00

Do you ever wonder why we do the things we do and when it all began...take an adventure into your past childhood environment to re-pattern those initial, ineffective neural pathways formed in school, with childhood peers, or teachers.

Trauma Resolution Safari: Adult Experiential Group Activity in a nurturing Montessori environment & strategies to change old unwanted brain patterns

Attendees will come away with:
-Experiencing a different way to gain insight and find solutions for your growth journey.
-Experience Movement - Boundaries - Mindfulness – Ways to Nurture your deeper sense of self
-Identification of New Insights to social shyness, beliefs behind personal challenges that hinder success
-Understanding Experiential Group Activity and 5 Montessori strategies and how it can open up new avenues for personal change
-Reconnection to your inner wisdom or what is standing in the way of that connection
-Identification of action to take the next step into your future - visit your intuitive side  
-Connection to belief systems within a gentle classroom setting using 'Stories', experiences, and neuroscience curriculum to HEAL.
-A light snack is included.


Trauma Resolution Safari Cost - $200 RSVP by Jan 17th.

Thursday, Jan 15, 2020 Noon-2pm

Having trouble saying what you mean? Learn how to have a healthier conversation where your feelings and needs are heard....

Mommy Dearest Jam Session
An experiential workshop to practice listening to your inner voice and heal relationships. Reclaim your child heart. Heal hurtful words said to you as a child that formed low self-esteem.

Featuring the book
NY best seller
"Liberated Parents Liberated Children”
by Faber and Mazlish with psychologist Dr .Haim Ginott

Class Cost : $50 (includes book and light snack)
Scholarships available)
Located at:
2201 Boundary St ., Suite 310 at Carolina Cove Executive Center

Camella McBrayer (PCL gradstudent GSU)
Renee Sutton M.A., LPC On-site Experiential Therapist

Pre-register two weeks advance for 50 %off---

This is a Ministries for Synergetic Wellness, Inc. hosted non-profit learning experience and scholarships are available. Call 843-770-9947 for more information.

Site in progress!

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P. O. Box 4256

Beaufort, SC 29903

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