Soaring Dragonfly Institute Classes...
Sun, April 19, 2020 at 1-4

Do you ever wonder why we do the things we do and when it all began...take an adventure into your past childhood environment to re-pattern those initial, ineffective neural pathways formed in school, with childhood peers, or teachers.

Trauma Resolution Safari: Adult Experiential Group Activity in a nurturing Montessori environment & strategies to change old unwanted brain patterns

Attendees will come away with:
-Experiencing a different way to gain insight and find solutions for your growth journey.
-Experience Movement - Boundaries - Mindfulness – Ways to Nurture your deeper sense of self
-Identification of New Insights to social shyness, beliefs behind personal challenges that hinder success
-Understanding Experiential Group Activity and 5 Montessori strategies and how it can open up new avenues for personal change
-Reconnection to your inner wisdom or what is standing in the way of that connection
-Identification of action to take the next step into your future - visit your intuitive side  
-Connection to belief systems within a gentle classroom setting using 'Stories', experiences, and neuroscience curriculum to HEAL.
-A light snack is included.


Trauma Resolution Safari Cost - $200 RSVP by Jan 17th.

Thursday, April 11, 2020 11-1 pm

Having trouble saying what you mean? Learn how to have a healthier conversation where your feelings and needs are heard to produce win-win solutions....

Mommy Dearest Jam Session
An experiential workshop to practice listening to your inner voice and heal relationships. Reclaim your child heart. Heal hurtful words said to you as a child that formed low self-esteem.

Featuring the book
NY best seller
"Liberated Parents Liberated Children”
by Faber and Mazlish with psychologist Dr .Haim Ginott

Class Cost : $100 (includes book and light snack)
Scholarships available)
Located at:
2201 Boundary St ., Suite 208 at Carolina Cove Executive Center

Camella McBrayer (PCL gradstudent GSU)
Renee Sutton M.A., LPC Licensed Counselor trained in Experiential Therapy

Pre-register two weeks advance for 50 %off---

This is a Ministries for Synergetic Wellness, Inc. hosted non-profit learning experience and scholarships are available. Call 843-770-9947 for more information.

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P. O. Box 4256

Beaufort, SC 29903

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