Illness, accidents, trauma, and uncomfortable relationships can keep you from being your true self and hinder the healing process. Within any disharmony lies an opportunity to learn more about yourself and life. When your needs are identified and addressed for your unique situation, the right resources come about with benefits that reveal your true spiritual nature. A higher quality of healing can occur. Most importantly, your essence develops with greater understanding.

Caring for your whole being during distress is key to prevention and good health. You can change your life circumstances by aligning the mind, body, and spirit into a single, positive intention of wellness. Discovering a way to be authentic in the heat of stress can remove misconceptions and give a voice to unspoken needs, helping to create healthier responses at work, home, or in a health care situation.

Keynote speaker and minister, Renee Sutton, helps you discover your true authentic needs and avenues to improve your healing response or develop character values. Renee offers seminars, workshops, and individual sessions to teach self-care and stress reduction techniques. She facilitates Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, TARA Approach (Jin Shin) with specialty in crisis care. Her 30-year business expertise enables her to speak on awareness and change for stressful conditions in the workplace.

Renee advocates a holistic approach to finding inner harmony in chaotic times and teaches programs for a heart-centered caring relationship that can be used in health care institutions. Many have become empowered in her stress reduction series and continuing education for nurses, counselors, and massage therapitsts.

Renee says,"You can take back control of your health care. I know, because I raised my recovery and wellness levels 100% by adding complementary, integrative approaches to my healing quests."

Higher Health Thoughts for the Month
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.
Romans 8:28