Ministries for Synergetic Wellness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to provide creative and holistic healing art therapies to those with co-occurring mental conditions and disabilities at affordable or free cost.  An application for no cost services can be requested to determine qualification towards different scholarship levels. 

Our vision is that multicultural counseling and other holistic practices are integrated into traditional medical facilities and treatment as health options to support one’s unique healing journey.

Our immediate three goals are:

1) Raise funds by sponsoring a monthly Integrative Healing Arts Sampler using various volunteer practitioners in the local community.  For a $10 donation, you can receive a 20-minute session with your choice of therapy from volunteer practitioners, who are operating under their professional scope of licenses and certifications.  Multiple therapies may occur during the sampler at additional $10 donation per 20 minute sessions. Healing Prayer, spiritual assessment, and initial integrative assessment intake are free. Scholarship applications will be onsite and free services to those that qualify. Events are free to visit for more information. Call for session appointment at 843-770-9947.

2) Educate the community and health care professionals on how to achieve the most efficient and beneficial path towards healing following along with the research from National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (  This includes information about integrative or alternative therapies, approaches, prayer, therapeutic relationship qualities, holistic counseling, and integrative teaming.  See upcoming support groups and classes.

A study, fellowship group occurs to educate on integrating spirituality in healthcare, develop therapeutic relationship, and share ideas on how to integrate holistic options. This is an inter-faith gathering of those who want the highest good for others through the highest, most loving wisdom for all. Located at 2201 Boundary Street, Carolina Cove Executive Center #208, Beaufort.

• 2 Hour Classes to Increase Tolerance for Stress, learning differenct coping strategies in each class. $15 each and free for scholarship recipients. Schedule TBD based upon request. Call 843-770-9947to request.

-Spiritual Reflection
-Caregiver Renewal
-Get Angry Creatively
-Relax with Healing Touch
-Empathetic Communication
- Mindfulness Meditation
-8-hr Court Approved Anger Management

Soaring Dragonfly Institute Adult Classes to Change the Mind and Reconnect to Authentic Self with Experiential Therapy in a Montessori setting. Monthly workshop to address trauma or unhealthy patterns. Click on classes for schedule.

Wellness Thrivers: Cancer Survivor Group. Call to join group. This is an Interfaith group to pass on wellness tips, spiritual growth, and build encouragement for thriving post cancer treatment. Join our wellness topic discussions and successes

Weekly Therapeutic Mindfulness practice group. Call to join. facilitated by Renee Sutton, LPC a licensed counselor and trained in Mindfulness.

3) Develop ideas, research, and test for efficacy of counseling triage for integrating creative healing arts inclusive of prayer with traditional healthcare for decision-making and increasing wellness results.

Site in progress!

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P. O. Box 4256

Beaufort, SC 29903

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90-day Stay Personal Holistic Program